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Friday, 12 July 2013

Can I go back?

I'm back from Rome and would start to write about my experience there (as I really want to share it) but I'm still technically on holiday. At least I feel I should go on another holiday immediately. Who needs to earn a living? So I'm ever so sorry you will just have to wait until next week ;)
I spent today meeting my bud Andy at one of my favourite little cafés in town, dropping a birthday card around my friend's house for her birthday and then watching/napping through a friends marathon.

 I am currently in the garden drinking a ice cold bulmers and discovering some amazing new blogs. About to head inside and catch up with my soaps from the last week, yes, I am that type of girl. 

Also has anyone had gelish nails before? I love them and asked my partner in crime Chloe (who's a very talented nail technician) to do a bright colour with an aztec print for my trip. This is what she came up with. This picture was taken when I got back and as you can see no chips! I always go for gel over acrylics now as I find they help strengthen my nails and I'm not a fan off super long nails (well my eye isn't when I try to remove my contacts).

Have a good weekend people!

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