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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Rome - Day Four.

After another huge soy latte we headed to the place I was most excited about visiting; Vatican City. I can't tell you why this was top of my list, it just was.

We had pre-booked tickets. Make 100% sure you do the same. The queue for the museums must have been easily 2 hours long and we just whizzed through in less than 10 minutes. 

Before we set off on our tour we had a photo op which we took advantage off, naturally.

The tour was great, we got to hear the guide easily through a headset so even if we fell behind (and there was so much to see that was very easy) we could hear. If you spent 30 seconds looking at every artefact in the Vatican Museums, the second largest museum in the world, you would spend 7 and a half years there. Therefore the guide showed us the main art works & gave us some very interesting facts behind them. 

Now of course the main attraction is the Sistine Chapel which is very strict about photo taking and I agree with their rules. It's so beautiful that photo's won't do it any justice so there's no point in taking them! Of course in holiday season it was busy but they didn't rush us out, it was just so unbelievable that Michelangelo managed to paint that. Our tour guide told us that he went blind 3 times painting the fresco as he was on his back and the paint materials would drip and damage his eyes! 

After the museums we took a walk around St. Peters Basilica which was HUGE. It rivalled (and beat) the impact the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona made on me and I could tell my Dad really loved it from all the pictures he took!

We went for a lovely dinner & the best spaghetti bolognese I've ever had then took a wander to see some of the sights at night. Rome lights up anything that is old - ruins that are being excavated, pillars, everything so every corner you turn there's something new to see you may not have seen in the day. We finished with ice creams from the nicest family run gelato shop - hazelnut & banana. YUM.

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