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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Rome - Day Two.

We decided to sleep in a little bit so our feet would last all day so after our coffee's and grabbing some peaches (which were as big as my face I might add) we went for a long walk along the River Tiber, across the Island and back again.

On our way to the Colosseum we went the back route and got to see the majority of the Roman Forum from above and the views were brilliant. We also saw the Circus Maximus where the chariot racing used to take place, although it's kinda a dusty field now where many a runner where sweating their balls off. 

The Colosseum was pretty awesome, it's hard to imagine what it actually looked like back in Ancient Rome but the audio guide really explains what is what! It was absolutely boiling we were trying to find shade to listen to our guides....

until there was the most amazing thunderstorm I've ever been on in my life. We hid under an archway and were stuck there for over an hour! I've never been that close to lightening and never seen rain as heavy as it in my life - definitely will not forget that experience in a hurry.

After drying off, I enjoyed a big glass of Rose with my salad in Campo De Fiori.

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