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Friday, 19 July 2013

Rome - Day Three

The night before we did a bit of manic googling and tweeting to try and get us on a Segway tour of Rome. We succeeded! We were up earlier than usual, grabbed a breakfast of rolls, cheeses and hams and caught a taxi to a tiny little piazza where the Segway office was based.

Now this day was actually Mum's birthday so naturally we made her wear a banner and badge all. As you can see she was thrilled. We managed to catch onto how to ride the Segway's quicker than expected. We headed out on our tour to see all the sights Rome has to offer and luckily there was only us 4 and the guide so it was totally private!

First off was the Pantheon. A place that really just doesn't look like it belongs there! It's a lot bigger than I thought and is just so ancient. We popped inside for a little while and saw the famous occulus and Rafael's tomb. It really is an outstanding building.

Next stop was the Trevi which was again packed as you can see but we made it to the front to toss a coin in to ensure we will return to Rome!

Cheesy Grins at The Roman Forum. 
The tour was brilliant which an audio guide at each stop and our guide was really friendly, it was 3 hours long which in the heat did start to get to me a bit. Plenty of water is key.

We sat for a few drinks (Fanta Orange is my holiday drink of choice) and headed to the Roman Forum. It started to thunder again so we sported the most amazing ponchos but we still had a great wander around! I think if I go back I'll definitely get a tour around the place. 

After a huge leisurely dinner of wine, anitpasti, the freshest pizza I've ever had and a small tiramisu we headed back to the hotel as it was a really long, but super fun day!

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