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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Flying High.

Ciao bellas

I'm currently writing this post on the aeroplane on my way to Italy!

I was rudely awoken by Mum at 3am after I had 3 hours sleep and was completely ignoring my alarm apparently. Oops. I got ready extra quickly and here we are on our way! It's my mum's 50th birthday which is why we are making the trip to Rome as it is somewhere none of us have ever been. 

So this mornings beauty routine was very minimal; some tinted moisturiser, mascara and eyebrow powder. I quickly took out my contacts and took off my make up and slathered Elizabeth Arden's Skin Optimising Serum all over my face; my skin just completed dries out on planes and i'm left with really noticeable patches! I think samples are really handy for travelling (thank God for the Glossybox) and you know you won't spill or lose any precious product.

I'm going to try and do minimal make up this holiday and just try and get my skin looking as good as I can. 34 degree heat and melting foundation is not a good look on anyone. 

I may have been a tad naughty and picked up a couple of MAC duty free purchases but hey, when in Rome (or on the way). A mineralise skin finish as I've been without one for over 9 months and realising I really miss it! I also got a beautiful lipstick called Coral Bliss which if course is a light coral in a creamsheen formula. I will swatch it for you when I get back! 

I only have about 30 minutes left on the flight so will retire to my reading of choice. 

I hear it is meant to be about 28 degrees in the UK this weekend so enjoy the hot weather!! 

I have a few posts for when I'm away but will add a few little snaps in to share and will write all about my trip when I get back!


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