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Monday, 15 July 2013

Rome - Day One.

As you may or may not know myself, my sister Keira and my Dad took my Mum to Rome to celebrate her 50th Birthday. We woke up at 3 in the morning and set off to Birmingham airport. Rome has always been a place on Mum's and mine list to visit in our lifetime & I was incredibly lucky my parents paid for me to go with them! 

Our first sight of the Colosseum on the way to our hotel.

The Spanish Steps.

We decided to go visit the places nearest our hotel, which was difficult as we weren't more than a 15 minute walk from anything!  The Spanish Steps are just that, steps. It's incredibly crowded and the 35 degree heat was sweltering (as it was every day). The church at the tops of the steps is lovely although I didn't go inside. It's a lovely place to sit and people watch.

I only bought one bottle of water the whole time I was there! There are fountains everywhere and the water in Rome is supposedly the cleanest in the world. It was lovely as it was so cold and refreshing!

We wandered down the streets and alleys towards the Trevi Fountain and came across a wealth of designer stores. We didn't go inside any as we wouldn't have been able to afford anything but the air conditioning blasting out of the shops made us slowed down every time a door opened.

We went down to the Trevi Fountain but it was extremely busy. More busy than I ever imagined. By this time I'd been up for 12 hours (after having just 3 hours sleep), travelled and felt disgusting. We all grabbed a slice of pizza and had a nice nap. 

We woke up all refreshed and headed down to the busy areas after dark. We past the most beautiful monument calleIl Vittoriano which is a tribute to the first King of Italy. 

We headed down to the Piazza Navona after I gorged on lasagna which filled with street artists, expensive but bustling restaurants and the Fountain of Four Rivers designed by Bernini (if you have read Dan Brown's Angels & Demons this would mean a lot more to you)! 

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