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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Rome - Day Five.

On our final day we headed to a park called Villa Borghese. It was a lovely and very hot day where we had a picnic of baguettes, fresh cherry tomatoes and peaches whilst we listened to music on Dad's speakers. I finished reading some magazines and we explored the little lake which was home to hundreds of turtles! We headed to the Borghese Gallery where again I wasn't allowed to take any pictures. There were hundreds of pieces of art displayed with my favourites being Bernini's sculptures. There was also works by Rafael & Caravaggio. I was told by the people who ran the Segway company it's the most beautiful museum in Rome and I agree (although I inly went to two altogether)!

We cooled off in a fountain afterwards watching the little white train, people on carts, segways and all other types of fun transport go past. 

As it was my last evening I headed to the Sephora at the train station and decided not to take a nap! I was very disappointed but did find a lovely brand! I will show you all my purchases next week!

For our last supper we headed back to Strega the same place we went on my Mum's birthday as the food and service was amazing! I opted for gnocchi as I was determined to try lots of Italian food. Dad on the other hand went for this steak; just look at it! 

The next morning we got up early and headed home. Boo.

I really loved Rome it is such an amazing city and I would definitely go back but maybe when it's a little cooler! I was very happy that I got to see everything I wanted to see and that my parents allowed me to choose what we did and didn't complain about the amount of stuff I tried to pack into the trip! Now I need to think of where to go for my next city break - I'm thinking Dublin (I recently discovered a fondness for Guinness). 

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