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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Benefit They're Real

I ran out of mascara and there was a pretty good deal in John Lewis where I could pick up the above mascara for £12. I find that drug store mascara's do the job on my eyes but thought heck it's only £12. 

Benefit's They're Real mascara is somewhat of a cult product and even the packaging makes some pretty hefty claims. I can be such a skeptic sometimes wanted to see if I could prove or disprove these claims.

Benefit start of by saying "They're Real lengthens, curls, volumises, lifts & separates. Our jet black, long-wearing formula won't smudge or dry out!"

The tube itself it pretty cute and I like the metallic finish! I hesitated buying this mascara as I really do not like plastic brushes. I just find they do not volumise my lashes as much as I would like. 

Without mascara on my eye

With one coat of Benefit They're Real Mascara
Does the product live up to it's claims?

94% saw dramatic length and volume - Most definitely yes to the length it makes my lashes look so long but volume wise I would say it makes them more separated - false eyelashes give a fluttering effect!

90% saw base-to-tip curl - I have very curly eyelashes and have never just an eye curler in my life so I don't notice much different using this mascara compared to others.

94% saw visible lift - I agree with this claim. I feel my eyes look wider and this is due to the mascara lengthening out my lashes!

100% saw long-wearing results - This is the shining result of this product. Some mascara's need touching up after about 4-5 hours but this stays put all day. It doesn't smudge at all or run if your eyes water. I don't think this is a waterproof mascara but it's really good considering. Saying this it does make it a bit of a pain to remove but it's not too much of a problem!

A very small part of me wanted to not like this mascara so I could go back to using my cheap and cheerful one but damn it it worked it's magic on me and I am now converted. Thanks a lot Benefit, you've done it again.


  1. You have great eyelashes already! Mine are short and straight, I wonder if it would do wonders for mine too :/ x

    1. Thanks! I know a few people with really short lashes that say this helped theirs look so much longer so maybe worth a try! x