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Thursday, 22 November 2012

My Stocking Filler Guide, Part 1 High Street.

I always find it so hard to pick things when my Mum asks me what I want for Christmas as she would rather give me something I want rather than something she guessed at which sits under my bed for a year *cough Dad*. One thing she always gets 100% right is my stocking. Yes I am 22 and I still get a stocking. It's my one main advantage of living at home still. My Dad thingks me and my 21 year old sister are too old for stockings but in the spirit of Christmas and all that, we tell him to shut up.

I'm a big fan of little presents which are fun, nerdy and just a bit silly really and love when a present can be used in everyday life. I receive a lot of beauty related items so it's nice to have a little game or something to do when Mum's cooking the turkey or Dad's playing on his new gadget!

High street stores have really upped their game this festive season with a wide variety of cheap to medium range gifts which can go into stockings or make wonderful little presents for friends. Being a girl, I have aimed this post at girls as I really don't have many men to buy for! I have taken my top picks from Topshop and River Island gifts I would love to give (and receive)!

The beige travel wallet is actually bigger than it looks and can hold your passport, travelers cheques & currencies instead! That little £8 thingy you see is something you put on a table to stop your bag going on the floor; kinda nifty if you have a designer bag! I really like the studs too as you could save them until summer and go to town on some denim shorts!

Topshop Stocking Fillers

Topshop have gone all retro game and 80's inspired this year, I <3 the notebook and PacMan post its! Topshop have got hundreds of gift ideas and they really are worth checking out.  Another favourite I didn't add was a desk set where things like a stapler are shaped into Tetris pieces. A good present yes, but you may be a serious victim of office envy.

All these products are available online as well as selected ones being in store (Topshop Oxford Circus has pretty much all of their gifts in one store!)

I think I will get an online shop version done for early next week as that is how I will do a lot of my shopping this year!

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