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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Paco Rabanne Lady Million

Hello, my name is Tanice and I am offically a perfume slut.
I blame running to Boots at work today and getting easily sidetracked.

I wanted to try this perfume for so long and it is currently on offer from £47 down to just £31 for 50ml!!! The offer can be found here! Oh and there were triple advantage card points. And I had a double points coupon. It was like they were forcing me to buy it and a few other items.

"The Paco Rabanne Lady Million woman embodies the ideal woman. No man can resist her and the best won’t ever be enough for her!"

This Eau de Parfum is packaged in a gold diamond shaped bottle which looks amazing but it stands on it's side - annoying when you are slightly obessed with lining things up nicely! Nevertheless I would say I love the fact it doesn't have a lid as I am prone to losing them. You just press the top and voila. The colour of the perfume is a little off putting - it looks a bit like pee! Obviously it just sprays on clear.

The perfume contains:
Bitter orange
Fleshy raspberry
Orange Blossom
Arabian jasmine 
I decided not to look at what was in this perfume as I loved it so much from just the sample and after looking at the list I can see why I was drawn to it. As you know my favourite floral scent is jasmine and love the sweetness of the honey mixed with the citrus fruit! Don't be fooled into thinking this perfume is just for Spring/Summer there is definitely something in it (perhaps the neroli?) which gives it some depth and doesn't make it sickly sweet.
The first thing I noticed about the perfume was how strong it was so I decided to conduct a test. I put just 2 spritzes on my wrist and waited for my parents to come home. Once they put the shopping away my Mum said " I can smell a really nice perfume, did you buy a new one?" So she could smell it and I didn't even go too close to her! Winner. I think this is a great perfume to spritz before going out as you won't have to keep applying it all night (there are rollerballs available).
I know I say this everytime but my GAWD this is my new favourite night out perfume. If I could go out and pull myself...I would.

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