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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Photo Diary 02.

Me & my sister on our birthday night out - Can you tell who is more drunk?

John Lewis Beauty Hall on Oxford Street - First time I've seen it since it's been done! May have purchased one or two goodies!

Crashed around my Aunty and Uncle's whilst in London, this is their very naughty dog Reggie!

Wedding Fairs at work mean lots of treats for the staff!

Spelled out my name to the Starbucks man - This is what he wrote!

Me & 2 friends attempted to make toffee apples. I say attempted because they weren't quite right.

I saw Wicked! at the theatre! It was amazing!

Managed to get some tickets to Radio 1xtra Live and saw Trey Songz along with some other acts! Gawwwd I love him.
November has been a pretty manic month for me so far but I love life when I am busy (although still love my bed as I am always on the go!) I've also been thinking about my future quite a bit this month - I really want to get the ball rolling and make something of myself. I am a very ambitious person and right now have nothing holding me back from doing ANYTHING! So I am seriously considering moving down to London, all alone. I want a good job which will help me to learn & grow as well as have some serious fun after work & I think London will be a massive yet good lifestyle change for me! I never went away for Uni and feel it's time for me to go off and do something on my own!
If anyone has made the move from a town to a big city or had/having a similar feeling to myself I would love some advice as this isn't just something I can do tomorrow!

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