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Monday, 26 November 2012

Christmas Party Outfit from

In the 4 years I've worked at one of my jobs I have never been to a Christmas Party. This year I plan on getting on IT. I've even booked the next day off work so me & my friends can eat bacon sandwiches in our PJ's & watch films all morning and hopefully we can rope our friend Chloe who will be freshed face into delivering us Mcdonalds at lunchtime (I know she will read this so this is us offically asking) ;)

I am going to let Missguided help me with my outfit this year. A wonderful site with some beautiful clothes with even more amazing prices. Now I have got a selection of their dresses on the way to my house for trial but I must only pick one. I've added a few extra dresses I loved to this list in case you need some help picking one for a special occasion.
1 - £39.99
I love the print, colours and sequins. Just not sure if I would get too hot with all that gettin' low and what not! Oh and I'm not sure if shoulder pads would be my friend. I like the fact this dress is the statement piece so you don't need any jewellery and can wear simple black shoes with a clutch.
2 - £34.99
<3 the studs. I think this dress would be best for girls with a more athletic body type as it will give you lots of curves on top! I would wear lots bracelets with this instead of a necklace as you would want to keep the focus on the studs!
3 - £16.99
I think this is one of my favourites. I think it's quite classy but still party-esque with the split up the leg! Definitely a dress for taller girls like myself!
4 - £26.99
Such a lovely colour and I think it would suit most body types!
5 - £39.99
This is the prettiest dress ever!
6 - £34.99
Again loving the baroque print I think it's a really elegant print that makes any outfit worthy of going out!
So they are my top picks, I spent hours trying to choose my favourites out of Missguided's 1000+ dresses. As you can see I numbered all the dresses and would love it if every viewer would comment and say which one is their favourite so I can make an informed decision!

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