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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

25 things about me

 So to jump onboard with everyone else here's a few bits about me...

1. I have a phobia of cotton wool. I can use the pads and buds but I can't touch pure cotton wool. It makes me shiver, feel sick and I actually want to cry when I touch it.

2. I'm 5'10 and I wear high heels on nights out. So many lads with short man syndrome comment on my height as if it's a bad thing. I'm like I didn't ask you to chat to me and I didn't ask you to insult me because you are 5"8. Go away. If I was Taylor Swift or Adriana Lima (who are both 5"10) there wouldn't be a problem. Rant over. 

3. I am terrible at looking after my iPhone. I think I've gone through 3 in a 2 year contract and the one I have now is cracked.

4. I eat so many bananas I could qualify for a monkey.

5. I've lived in 3 countries, UK, Germany and Cyprus. I plan on living abroad at some point in my life again.

6. I went to an all girls school. I was a complete tomboy before I went there at 13 so was really a blessing in disguise or I doubt I would be writing this blog!

7. I have a bet with a friend. If she wins, I have to get hakuna matata tattooed on me. And I never back out of a bet.

8. My parents discussed what they were going to call me for ages with Tia, Kirsty & Miki being the favourites. Dad then signed my birth certificate Tanice without telling my Mum. Kirsty is my middle name!

9. Which is funny because I don't remember the last time my Dad called me Tanice. He always calls me Neicey.

10. My room is beach themed as I wish it was summer all year long and I being on a tropical beach!

11. I love cooking meals from scratch and if I have a day free love spending it in the kitchen with music blasting. It's my therapy.

12. I get overly emotional at animal programmes and am a massive animal fan. Penguins are my favourite.

13. In relation to 12. my two main travel goals in life are to go on safari and tour around Africa. I also want to road trip from Sydney to Melbourne and on the way visit Phillip Island to see the penguins and take in the beautiful coastline.

14. I love quiz shows especially The Chase & Eggheads. Everyone says I should apply as my general knowledge is quite vast but I think I'd get get too greedy!

15. My biggest pet peeve is lateness.

16. I'm a huge movie buff and have an Unlimited cinema card as it's one of my favourite things to do!

17. I'm a complete and utter party animal.

18. I was born with a Polydactyly, an extra digit on both my hands. It was soft tissue so they were removed (in the same way they take off your umbilical cord). I now have little stumps sticking out the side. I inherited them from my Dad so my kids will probably have them too!

19. I would rather drink sugar free apple and blackcurrant squash over fizzy drinks any day.

20. I love the magic of airports. I like to think of all the people going to beautiful places or returning home to loved ones. I think it's one rare place always filled with excitement, love and opportunity! I know, I'm so poetic.

21. I am a hopeless romantic.

22. I believe in the power of positivity and being paranoid and negative will only reflect badly on your life.

23.  I worked at Morrisons on during my time at Uni and still do a couple of hours a week alongside my main job now. I've made some amazing friends and we have such a laugh. If you are wondering, I work on the Kiosk/Customer Service Desk!

24.  My dream was to be a doctor (surgeon or heart specialist in particular) and I did my A Levels based on this. A Level Chemistry screwed me over though.

25. I thrive under pressure. 


  1. Great post! I backpacked all the way down the East coast of Australia and it was by far the best trip of my life. Would definitely recommend, although wrap up warm for Philip island, it gets so cold at night. Also your beach themed room sounds amazing x

    1. Oh now I really want to go! It's a long way off but if I save lots maybe I could do it for my 25th Birthday or something ;) I'll have to do a room post when it's completed (been waiting on Dad to hang my canvases FOREVER)! x