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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Rimmel Apocalips

Colours (Left to right) - Nova, Stellar and Luna

As much as I love blogging, I like most other bloggers with an interest in make up, allow myself to be sucked into crazes and hypes. The thing is I trust other bloggers opinions more than I do a magazines (which is why the beauty blogging world is has such a great reach); if I find many a great review on one product I must possess it. Enter Rimmel Apocalips.

Liquid lipstick is a new concept for me, big colour mixed with high shine. I wouldn't fork out over £20 for a YSL Glossy Stain as I just wasn't sure if they were "me". I rarely go for bold lips as I'm scared the colour bleeding and I don't like the clown look. The choice of colours in the Apocalips range really called to me and I went to pick up one as they were £5.99 in Boots. I came out with three. Quelle surprise.


I love the packaging, I feel it keeps with outer space kind of theme and I really love the names of the colours. I'm a huge space geek. The bottle of the tubes are clear so you can see how much product you have left. There's nothing worse than running out in the middle of the night out.

I like the applicator, it's kind of like a doe foot one but has a micro-reservoir in it which collects a lot of product so it's quick to apply. Application is easy as you can line the lips and fill them in easily. 


What drew me to these was the swatches I saw online. I've seen so many people moan that there isn't a lot of colour variety; I disagree. Eight colours is more than enough and apparently Rimmel have launched over colours abroad so maybe we will get them soon? Anyways I opted for Nova, a gorgeous blue toned pink, Stellar, a bright orangey red and finally Luna, a coral peach. I don't have a favourite as they are all great for different situations (Stellar is definitely a night lip where as Luna is a everyday colour). Celestial is next on my hit list. 

The Product

When you apply the product it does feel like you are actually painting your lip. Less than a minute later it feels lightweight and shiny without leaving a sticky residue like some lip gloss types. What I love is that they do stain your lips, so when the gloss goes away (after an hour or two) you are left with a subtle colour on your lips for around 5 hours!

I really love these liquid lipsticks and I think Rimmel have done well. Revlon was clearly leading in the lip stakes in the drug store world but now they have a run for their money. The thing is I can't pick a favourite; Rimmel Apocalips or Revlon Lip Butters. May have to get a few more before my vote is cast...

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