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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What I pack for a trip - Haircare

I thought I would share with you what I'm packing for my trip next week. If I haven't mentioned the products before on my blog I will add mini reviews so you can find out more about the products! 

Be warned: I am an over packer. When I last went to Magaluf, mine was the heaviest suitcase because I had packed so many hair, skin care & make up products and about 4 days worth of clothes. My friends loved that I nicked their clothes for the last 3 days!

I want to try and be pack savvy this time so please tell me if there's anything you think I don't need!

We are going to start with hair, which as I have said many a times, is the bane of my life. I have narrowed it down to 6 products which is amazing for me!

VO5 Gloss Me Smoothly Shampoo & Conditioner - I managed to find a reduced of these at work for 98p and it was just a bonus that I actually like them. I really don't care about shampoos as they are used to get rid of any dirt and I usually use a deep conditioning treatment once a week (I've also been told I should only wash my hair twice a week due to it's dryness) so I'm not so bothered about the other conditioner. They are a good enough size for me and my sister to share throughout the trip.

Fantasia Hair Polisher Heat Protector Straightening Serum - What a mouthful eh? Although I do not have afro hair, I do have very dry hair (thanks Dad). I have used this product for years on and off and just rediscovered my love for it. It protects the hair from heat and cuts down blow drying time. It's very thick and helps keep your hair frizz free! Even if you do not have afro hair I would give this a go but be warned: Too much product and you will be a greasy mess! I will decant this into a small travel vile as I won't need a lot.

Coconut Oil - It really doesn't matter what brand just make sure the main ingredient is actually coconut oil! I use this in the shower between shampooing and conditioning as a treatment and also a tiny bit after straightening on the ends of my hair. Again I will only take a small pot of this as I will only need a tiny bit throughout the trip.

VO5 Smoothly Does It Tame & Shine Spray - This was included in my bargain gift set and I love using this right before I go out instead of hairspray as it makes my hair nice and shiny. I also use this before straightening to add some extra heat protection to my hair!

 Schwarzkopf Got2b Powderful Volumizing Styling Powder - For when I need a little extra volume  in the evenings!

Next stop - Skincare (it's a biggie)!

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