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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Berry Body

Berry body - New Look
Skirt - Topshop
Belt - Republic
Tights - Primark
Chelsea Boots - New Look
Ring - Miss Selfridge
Watch - Michael Kors

This is what I wore to work this afternoon, I really liked it so thought I would share it with you! LFW has inspired me to dress up a little bit more but I would never look as stylish as the people at Somerset House.

This morning I made a big batch of spicy chicken noodle soup for the family to use up this week and man it was hot! Tonight I am staying in and looking forward to Geordie Shore (just one of my many guilty pleasures)! I'm so excited for tomorrow as I pick up my new car eeek and also have the next 3 days off work (I haven't had 2 days in a row off work since Christmas as I don't get weekends)! I plan on doing the bare minimum and spending the minimum as I am have no money after this car and going on holiday in 2 weeks!

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