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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Quote 002

Today's quote is a simple one. People say love, laughter etc are the things to make a happy life and they are, but I do think life is too short not to do the above things.

Eat Well

I may not be the skinniest of my friends but I probably eat the cleanest. 80% of the time I really watch what I am putting in to my body, I try to cook meals from scratch and I probably only have chips once a month (which is hard as I love them). Healthy food doesn't need to be bland though and I am big on flavour. I thought I would give up my clean eating a week into the new year but it's now February and I'm still going strong and thoroughly enjoying it. 

This isn't to say I'm not bad. I love nothing more than going to a restaurant for a 3 course meal, maybe a cocktail or two and spending hours chatting away with friends. The other week me and 2 friends went to Café Rouge the other week, had some amazing food (Creme Brulée be mine), spent about 3 hours there gossiping and best of all I found an O2 Priority Moment so it only came to £20 each! I probably eat out about once a week but I go out clubbing a lot less now and would much rather get food in ma belly! 

Travel Often

I've been very lucky to have been on some amazing holidays throughout my life time (Carribean, Miami, Egypt to name a few) but the best thing about them are the memories. Now I'm older I don't really get to go away with my family as much as our schedules clash like crazy, although we are going to Rome in July! I've done the whole Magaluf and clubby holidays and wouldn't have changed that for the world. But now I have bigger fish to fry. I don't have a lot of money right now but am determined once I've got my finances in order to visit some amazing places and get some adventure! My list includes:

- Driving the Almafi Coast
- Road trip from Sydney to Melbourne
- Go to a Full Moon Party in Thailand
- See the Northern Lights in Iceland
- Rollerskate along Venice Beach
- Go to the carnival in Rio
- Interrail around Eastern Europe

There's about 100 other places and adventures I want and I know it's a long shot but it's something to aspire to. I'm not a backpacking kinda gal but I want to see the beautiful places of the world. The world isn't actually that big and I intend to explore it. I believe travel can help open your eyes to how beautiful life can be. You develop a better understanding of different cultures and become more well rounded. Most importantly I want to travel  more so one day I can share some amazing stories with my kids and grandkids one day!

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