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Thursday, 28 February 2013

What to pack for a flight.

I'm incredibly luckily that I can't even count the amount of times, so I guess it's a very good thing I love flying. My friends don't understand the fascination but I love the thrill of travelling to a different place. 

Tomorrow I will show you what I will be wearing and what I'm packing in my hand luggage but today I'm going to share my rules for flying. 

Do not wear heels.  I will laugh in your face if you fall over trying to get your suitcase off the luggage carousel. Oh, and if the plane goes down and you have stilettos on you will be bare foot when we are stranded on a desert island 'cause you can't go down the emergency slide in them. 

Bring a scarf and extra pair of socks. Why are planes so cold?! I hate being cold so these will keep you warm and the scarf will protect your clothes if you are clumsy pup like me and spill stuff down you all the time. If you wear flights bring them but for a 2 hour flight I think I may be okay so just so fluffy ones to keep my toes warm is enough! It goes without saying that skirts and shorts are also a no-no as you will freeze your nips off.

Don't wear jeans or a belt. Of course, wear your seat belt but anything else tight fitting is just going to make you uncomfortable. 

Wear a sports bra. Any day spent travelling is a long one. Every girl knows that as soon as you get home, there's no better feeling than whipping off your bra! A sports bra will give you support and leave you comfy enough for the flight. It will also avoid the man with the metal detector in security looking and being too close to your goodies ;)

Pack a moisturiser.  Slap a load on your face before take off and your skin won't be as dehydrated as others when you step off the plane. Flying really  is terrible for your skin!

Drink water. I don't touch anything else on flights, the pressure and everything is awful and it's easy to develop headaches etc. I would never touch alcohol on a plane; what happens if something happens and I'm too intoxicated to save myself. An one litre bottle of water should be enough for a 2 hours flight.

Layer up. Chances are where you are going is a little warmer so wear things you can remove once you are in Arrivals. 

Bring a big bag. Like massive. Some bloody airlines (Ryanair I'm looking at you), only allow one piece of hand luggage. So say you do some Duty Free shopping and have your handbag and then the bag with 3 bottles of rum in; they will charge you extra. You need to be able to fit all your shopping in too. So don't get caught out and bring one of your smaller bags!

Choose uncomplicated jewellery. If you have lots of clasps you will take forever in security and also have the risk you may lose the items if you aren't careful. I will probably go for my watch as it barely leaves my wrist and I feel naked without it and maybe a ring/long necklace which can be whipped off in a flash!

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