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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

e.l.f Studio Body Shimmer

I've really jumped on board of creamy formula blushes and highlighters at the moment. I just think they look so much more natural on the skin and give a more glowing complexion.

E.l.f says "Create sexy, soft shimmer for a healthy looking glow that is lightweight and comfortable. Great for using on cheeks, lips, eyes, and deécolleté. The convenient twist-up design is easy to use for quick application. Simply glide on this chic shimmer for a sunless, gorgeous glow"

The packaging is kind of like a deodorant stick, you twist the little rotator and the product comes up. It's easy to use but I would have preferred it if the shape of the product was round rather than long and oval. I like that the product is little so I can carry more than one around ;)

Cosmic Coral

Mystic Moonlight


The product is quite stiff and doesn't apply as easily as I would like. I warm up the product by rubbing it on the back of my hand and then to my face, which really helps me apply it to the apple of cheeks or above my cheek bones. It's definitely best to apply with your fingers as the heat helps to blend the product into the skin.

Cosmic Coral - Mystic Moonlight


I picked up two out of the four colours available; Cosmic Coral which is my favourite. It's of course a pinky coral but has a lovely golden shimmer which I find really goes with tanned skin. I also picked up Mystic Moonlight which is a cool subtle highlighter in a muted pinky white colour but it's perhaps a little too light for my skin and isn't the best colour for darker tones.

There are two other colours available, Blazing Bronze, a typical cream bronzer and a Golden Glow, a yellow golden colour which I definitely do not like the look of.

At £3.75 a pop they aren't expensive and are nice products. They definitely aren't the best shimmer products out there and I think I prefer the much more expensive MAC MSF's to these but I really do recommend the the coral one! If you fancy trying one pick up your body shimmers here!

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