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Friday, 15 February 2013

MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Dupes: e.l.f Baked Bronzer & Baked Blush

Maui and Rich Rose

Rich Rose on top and Maui underneath
I adore MAC's Mineralise Skin Finishes and at around £21.50 a pop they are a very extravagant purchase. E.l.f has come to the rescue and released their versions which are simply named Baked Blush and Baked Bronzer. With 4 different colour blushers and 3 different bronzers there's definitely one that you will love and at £3.75 each you will love the price too.

It's a really simple product and there's not lots I can say about it. The packaging, a clear lid which snaps shut serves it's purpose. Application is easy with a blusher brush (I prefer MAC's 128) and the product is very pigmented so not a lot is needed and make sure you tap the brush before putting on your cheeks!

The colours are the main attraction of the product. Maui is a very golden shimmery bronzer which is a dupe for MAC's Gold Deposit and Rich Rose is a pinky gold with a shimmer which is as close of a dupe I have found for MAC's Stereo Rose. I can't even fault the texture of the powders, I honestly think these may be the best dupes out there.

Now for a weekend of working, I have 3 days off next week which I am going to use by going to the gym, blogging and hopefully test driving my new car!

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