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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

10 of life's little things

Sometimes it doesn't take massive things to make your day, some of the smaller things can actually make a huge difference to your mood. Here's a few things that have made my day recently!

Having some new gym gear to motivate you.

Finding X amount of money in your jacket pocket/bottom of your bag.

Knowing you have eaten well all day.

A friend you haven't spoken to for a couple of weeks texts you. 

Arranging to go out to dinner with friends on a whim rather than staying in on a weeknight.

Having a really good cup of tea.

Seeing some lovely flowers.

Finding your tight skinny jeans aren't actually that tight anymore.

Looking at something online and deciding you are going to buy it for a friend rather than yourself.

Changing your bed covers.

I would love to know what random little things really make your day and hopefully reading this you can go off and appreciate the rest of your day!

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