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Monday, 11 March 2013

Barcelona Day Two.

Day two we woke up to an even windier and rainier Barcelona but with the added enjoyment of a hangover. We decided not to waste the day or let the rain ruin our plans so we went to the Aquarium. 

The aquarium was quite large with a lot of variety of fish and other creatures but I do feel it was a little overpriced as it cost us about 18 euros each. I don't know whether it was school trip day but in front if every display there was a class which made it quite impossible to get up close pictures. The penguin enclosure was in a different place and school children free; good as I am like a child around penguins. In my excitement I forgot to take a picture!

I was determined to try some churros on this trip and they really ain't all that. I thought they would be more like doughnut batter but they were hard and not that tasty. At least I tried it!

Our hangover (and weather) got the better of us at about 3pm so we thought a nap would help! I woke up and looked out the window and the sun was out! I woke up Keira and we legged it to one of Barcelona's many parks, La Parc de la Ciutadella.

This fountain was the reason I wanted to come and seeing it as the sun was going down gave it such a pretty colour! We sat on a bench and saw the many runners and dog walkers go about their business.

We decided to walk back as it wasn't raining and got an ice cream. The ice cream was so good we went back the next day!

Dinner was tapas, a seafood paella for me (chicken paella for Keira) and a Catalan cream pudding. Very Spanish! We then opted for a strawberry daiquiri in a bar near our hotel before heading to bed!

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