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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Barcelona Day Four.

Ahh...look at that sky. We checked out of our hotel and stored our luggage in a room so we could go off exploring. We headed to a relatively unknown park called the Parc del laberint d'horta. It is the oldest park in Barcelona and is stunning. It is called a romantic style garden and is the type of place you can imagine people being proposed to!

The main focal point is the maze which was very funny to navigate our way around when there was a class trip of screaming 7/8 year olds (another school trip). 

Parc Guell was another place I was determined to visit before I left. The sun brought out the masses and it was very busy. I can't imagine I would enjoy it at the height of summer! It was very interesting to walk around and see some more of Gaudi's influence in an outside environment. I loved the mosaic snake bench, it must have taken forever to smash up and then put back together!

We had a little bit of time before we had to catch the bus so got a drink and ice cream and sat on the marina pier, along with the rest of Barcelona. It's a lovely place and people just sit on the wooden boardwalk and soak in the sun for a little while. 

I really didn't want to leave. But all good things come to an end otherwise they wouldn't be good things. It was really nice to spend some time with my sister just us two and I would definitely go back to Barcelona. I plan to go when the Sagrada Familia is finished so I can compare! Although by 2026 I'll be 35. Oh dear God.

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