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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Beauty Parlour Salt Scrub

The Beauty Parlour Salt Scrub - £3.99 - Morrisons

I gave up trying to live without an exfoliator and as I wandered the aisles of Morrisons, found a range of pretty products which were slightly reminiscent of our favourite brand, Soap and Glory. Pretty pink packaging? Check. Slightly vintage slogans and feel? Check. 

I picked up the salt scrub as I knew I wouldn't get down to Boots to pick up Flake Away anytime soon which is a firm favourite of mine but also around £7 a pop. Could I have found the perfect dupe? I rushed home to compare the ingredients of them both. They both contain Almond Oil, salt and sugar but the Beauty Parlour's Salt Scrub contains macadamia oil and dead sea salt whereas Soap and Glory's Flake Away has shea butter.

The both have very similar scents and textures but the the salt scrub is a lot lighter and rubs in a lot easier than Flake Away. It leaves your skin feeling moisturised when you leave the shower which is the feeling I love the most! I find Flake Away is a lot thicker and therefore a little goes a long way whereas I can imagine the salt scrub running out a lot sooner. 

It's a very close call between the two. I have been informed this retails for £6-7 in Superdrug and would definitely go for Flake Away if the price was the same.  But for a £3/4 saving in the supermarkets I would pick the Beauty Parlour's dupe as it is pretty darn great. 

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