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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Barcelona Day Three.

Sunshine and clear skies! We were determined to spend the whole day outside!

We ventured up to Mount Tibidabo and got there so early we had to wait an hour for the funicular (like a tram that goes up and down) to go! We sat in the sunshine eating cherry tomatoes.

We packed a picnic and enjoyed sitting on a bench and seeing the amazing views. This was one of my highlights of the trip and I would definitely recommend doing this if you have a couple of days in the city! There is an amusement park but only a couple of rides were open; in the summer I can imagine this being packed!

Told you I went back to the ice cream parlour. Today's was pistachio and banana. For some reason my lactose intolerance didn't play up at all whilst away!

We headed down to Barceonleta, the beach area at around 3pm where it started to get a little cloudy but still warm! The boardwalk was so much fun watching people on scooters, bikes and roller skates! The only people brave enough for the sea were surfers as there was some great waves!

For dinner we headed to the Olympic Marina as I wanted some decent seafood! We found a deal for 15 euros each. Now my sister doesn't eat seafood but they had options for her. We got so much! The starters were bread (for Keira) and seafood tapas for me. I had 4 plates, prawns, fried fish, calamari and mussels. I left so much and felt to bad but they give you so much! I then had a lovely tuna steak and Keira had pasta. We also got wine, water and dessert. Oh and shots! Amazing restaurant!

We walked all the way back to La Rambla to work off our dinner and it was nearly midnight by the time we got back! We were merry after our bottle of wine and decided we would rather get up extra early to see lots of things on our last day so called it a night!

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