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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Sephora Eau de Toilette

Knowing that the Sephora store's in the US sell lots of rollerball perfumes which for some reason haven't caught on in the UK, I was determined to find some whilst in Barcelona, the biggest Sephora store in Europe. I may have gotten a little sidetracked by the hundreds of concessions and swatching my arm like a mad woman. 

Luckily as I waited in the queue to pay for my proudly small basket of items, I noticed a stand of thin shaped viles which had around 50 different floral, sweet and fruity scents. Knowing I only had one person in front of me (and not wanting to annoy my sister as an hour really was a long time for a new beauty addict to be in the store) I knew what I had to find...and quick.

My main reason for wanting these is to throw in my handbag so I can spritz if I feel the need. I didn't want them to be like all my other perfumes; just a nice smell for me when I need it. Vanilla wasn't my first choice and isn't my favourite out of the two I purchase but it has a sweet subtle smell which isn't two overpowering. I found the fruity scents a bit too synthetic so rushed to find the floral ones. I picked up vanilla and thought "Who doesn't like vanilla?" so it went in. 

Peony is the star of the two. You all know me and no, I couldn't find a jasmine one. Oh woe is me. But here's something you didn't know; I may love the smell of jasmine but it's not my favourite flower. Peonies are! Closely followed by sunflowers and daffodils. So finding Peony, a very light but lovely smell was a great score!

It's hard to describe the products scents as they only have one scent; the one that's on the label. I'm sure there's one to suit all out there! Oh and I forgot to mention these aren't actually rollerballs, you spritz them but ah well, it's the same effect. And all I found. 

Pretty please UK fragrance distributors, give us rollerballs. If you made Marc Jacobs Daisy and Paco Rabanne's Lady Million into one you will make this girl very happy and broke.

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